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Breath of Heaven


101#13. What is your nationality? Moorish-American.

101# 14. Why are we Moorish-Americans? Because we are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.


101 #27. Will you give in brief the line (genealogy) through which Jesus came? Some of the Great Fathers through which Jesus came are: Abraham, Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezekiah and Joseph by Mary.

101# 28. Why did ALLAH send Jesus to this earth? To save the Israelites from the iron-hand oppression of the pale-skin nations of Europe, who were governing a portion of Palestine at that time.

#101 29. How long has that been? About two thousand years ago.

#101 30. What was the nationality of Ruth? Ruth was a Moabitess.

101# 31. What is the modern name for Moabites? Moroccans.

#101 32. Where is the Moroccan Empire? Northwest Amexem.

#101 33. What is the modern name for Amexem? Africa.

#101 34. What is the title given to our ruler in Morocco? Sultan.


The Industrious Acts of the Moslems of Northwest and Southwest Africa

The Industrious Acts of the Moslems of Northwest and Southwest Africa
by Professor Drew, the Egyptian Adept
Moorish Literature, pp. 21-22

These are the Moabites, Hamathites, Canaanites who were driven out of the land of Canaan by Joshua, and received permission of the Pharaohs of Egypt to settle in that portion of Egypt. In later years they formed themselves kingdoms. These kingdoms are called this day Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, etc..



1:22 New International Version (NIV)

22 So Naomi returned from Moab accompanied by Ruth the Moabite, her daughter-in-law, arriving in Bethlehem as the barley harvest was beginning.


Chapter XXXVII

Holy Instructions From the Prophet the

Breath of Heaven

1. Vaunt not thy body; because it was first formed; nor of thy brain, because therein thy soul resideth. Is not the master of the house more honorable than its walls?

2. The ground must be prepared before corn be planted; the potter must build his furnace before he can make his porcelain.

3. As the breath of Heaven sayeth unto the waters of the deep; “This way shall thy billows roll, and no other; thus high, and no higher shall they raise their fury”; so let thy spirit, O man, actuate and direct thy flesh; so let it repress its wilderness.

4. Thy body is as the globe of the earth; thy bones the pillars that sustain it on its basis.

5. As the ocean giveth rise to springs, whose waters return again into its bosom through the rivers; so runneth thy life from thy outwards, and so runneth it into its place again.

6. Do not both retain their course forever? Behold, the same Allah ordained them.

7. Is not thy nose the channel to perfumes, thy mouth the path to delicacies.

8.  Are not thine eyes the sentinels that watch for thee? Yet how often are they unable to distinguish truth from error?

9. Keep thy soul in moderation; teach thy spirit to be attentive to its good; so shall these its ministers be always to thee conveyances of truth.

10.  Thine hand, is it not a miracle? Is there in the creation aught like unto it? Wherefore was it given thee, but that thou mightest stretch it out to the assistance of thy brother?

11. Why of all things living are thou alone made capable of blushing? The world shall read thy shame upon thy face; therefore do nothing shameful.

12. Fear and dismay, which robs thy countenance of its ruddy splendor, avoid guilt, and thou shalt know that fear is beneath thee, that dismay is unnamely.

13. Wherefore to thee alone speaks shadows in the vision of the pillow? Reverence them; for know that dreams are from on high.

14. Thou man alone canst speak. Wonder at thy glorious prerogative; and pay to Him who gave it to thee a rational and welcome praise, teaching thy children wisdom, instructing the offspring of thy loins in piety.



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Moorish Holy Koran Chapter XXXV


Holy Instructions From the Prophet

” Death is no enemy of man; it is a friend who, when the work of life is done, just cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it may sail on smoother seas.”



1. There is but one Allah, the author, the creator, the governor of the world; almighty , eternal, and incomprehensible.

2. The sun is not Allah, though his noblest image. He enlighteneth the world with his brightness; his warmth giveth life to the products of the earth. Admire him as the creature, the instrument of Allah, but worship him not.

3. To the one who is supreme, most wise and beneficent, and to Him alone, belong worship, adoration, thanks giving and praise.

4. Who hath stretched forth the heavens with His hands, who hath described with his finger the courses of stars.

5. Who setteth bounds to the ocean, that it cannot pass; and saith unto the stormy winds: “Be still.”

6. Who shaketh the earth, and the nations tremble; who dareth His lightnings, and the wicked are dismayed.

7. Who calleth forth worlds by the words of His mouth; who smiteth with His arm, and they sink into nothing.

8. O reverence the majesty of the Omnipotent; and tempt not His anger, lest thou be destroyed.

9. The providence of Allah is ever all His works; He ruleth and directeth with infinite wisdom.

10. He hath instituted laws for the government of the world; He hath wonderfully varied them in all beings; and each, by his nature conformeth to His will.

11. In the depth of His mind, He revolveth all knowledge; the secrets of futurity lie open before Him.

12. The thoughts of thy heart are naked to His view; He knoweth thy determination before they are made.

13. With respect to His prescience there is nothing contingent; with respect to his providence there is nothing accidental.

14. Wonderful is He in all His ways; His counsels are inscrutable; the manner of His knowledge transcendeth thy conception.

15. Pay therefore to His wisdom, all honor and veneration; and bow down thyself in humble and submissive obedience to His supreme discretion. 16. The Father is gracious and beneficent; He hath created the world in mercy and love.

17. His creatures of His hand declare His goodness, and their enjoyments speak of His praise; He clothed them with beauty, He supporteth them with food, He preserveth them with pleasure, from generation to generation.

18. If we lift up our eyes to the heavens, His glory shineth forth; if we cast them down on the earth, it is full of His goodness; the hills and the valleys rejoice and sing; fields, rivers, and woods resound His praise.

19. But thee, He hath distinguished with peculiar favor; and exalted thy station above all creatures.

20. But thee, He hath embued thee with reason, to maintain thy dominion; he hath fitted thee with language, to improve thy society; and exalted thy mind with the powers of meditation, to contemplate and adore His inimitable perfections.

21. And in the laws He hath ordained as the rule of life, so kindly hath He united thy duty to thy nature that obedience to His precepts is happiness to thyself.

22. O praise His goodness with songs of thanksgiving, and meditate in silence on the wonders of His love; let thy heart overflow with gratitude and acknowledgment, let the language of thy lips speak praise and adoration, let the actions of thy life show thy love to His law.

23. Allah is just and righteous, and will judge the earth with equity and truth.

24. Hath He established his laws in goodness and mercy, and shall He not punish the transgressors thereof?

25. O think not, bold men, because thy punishment is delayed, that the arm of Allah is weakened; neither flatter thyself with hopes that He winketh at thy doings.

26. His eye pierceth the secrets of every heart, and He rememebereth them forever; He respecteth not the persons or the stations of men.

27. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, the wise and the ignorant, when the soul hath shaken off the cumbrous shackles of this mortal life, shall equality receive, from the sentence of just and everlasting retribution, according to their works.

28. Then shall the wicked tremble and be afraid; but the heart of the righteous shall rejoice in His judgements.

29. O fear Allah, therefore, all the days of thy life, and walk in the paths which He hath opened before thee. Let prudence admonish thee, let temperance restrain, let justice guide thy hand, benevolence warm thy heart, and gratitude to Heaven inspire thee with devotion. These shall give thee happiness in thy present state, and bring thee to the mansions of eternal felicity in the paradise of Allah.




30. This is the true economy of Human Life.




MHK: Chapter 4; 8;

MHK: Chapter 35

Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Dr. R.German-Bey, NGS, Emeritus



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The only Savior of the world is love; andJesus,

son of Mary, comes to manifest thatBlove to men.”





Holy Instructions From the Prophet Master and




V. 1. Repine not, O man, at the state of servitude; it is the

appointment of Allah, and hath many advantages;

it removeth thee from cares and solicitudes in life.

2. The honor of a servant is his fidelity; his highest

virtues are submission and obedience.



Be patient, therefore, under the reproofs of thy

master; and when he rebuketh thee, answer not again.

The silence of thy resignation shall not be forgotten.


” I’m Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired,”Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, 1964
As published in Speeches of Fannie Lou Hamer, To Tell It Like It Is4.

MHK: 28:v. 4

Be studious of his interests, be diligent in his affairs,

and faithful to the trust which he reposeth in thee.

My name is Fannie Lou Hamer and I exist at 626 East Lafayette Street in Ruleville, Mississippi. The reason I say “exist” [is] because we’re excluded from everything in Mississippi but the tombs and the graves. That’s why it is called that instead of the “land of the free and the home of the brave.” it’s called in Mississippi “the land of the tree and the home of the grave.”

MHK:28:v. 5.

Thy time and thy labor belong unto him. Defraud

him not thereof, for he payeth thee for them.

MHK:28:v. 6.

And thou who art a master, be just to thy servant if

thou expecteth from him fidelity; and reasonable in

thy commands if thou expecteth ready obedience.


MHK:22: v.22.

She speaketh, and the servants fly; she pointeth, and the

thing is done; for the law of love is in their hearts, and her

kindness addeth wings to their feet.


7. The spirit of a man is in him; severity and rigour may

create fear, but can never command love.



8. Mix kindness with reproof, and reason with authority

; so shall thy admonitions take place in his heart, and

his duty shall be-come his pleasure.


9. He shall serve thee faithfully from the motive of

gratitude; he shall obey thee cheerfully from the

principle of love;

and fail thou not, in return, to give his diligence and

fidelity their proper reward.



Gratitude MHK:33
1. As the branches of a tree return their sap to the root, from whence it arose; as a river poureth its streams to the sea, whence the spring was supplied; so the heart of a grateful man delighteth in returning a benefit received.

2. He acknowledgeth his obligation with cheerfulness, he looketh on his benefactor with love and esteem.

3. And if to return it be not in his power, he nourisheth the memory of it in his breast with kindness; he forgetteth it not all the days of his life.

4. The heart of the grateful man is like the clouds of heaven which drops upon the earth, fruits, herbage and flowers; but the heart of the ungrateful is like a desert of sand which swalloweth with greediness the showers that fall, and burieth them in its bosom, and produceth nothing.

5. Envy not thy benefactor, neither strive to conceal the benefit he hath conferred; for though to oblige is better than to be obliged, though the act of generosity commandeth admiration, yet the humility toucheth the heart, and is amiable on the sight both of Allah and man.

6. But receive not a favor from the hand of the proud; to the selfish and avaricious have no obligation; the vanity of pride shall expose thee to shame; the greediness of avarice shall never be satisfied.



Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Dr. R.German-Bey, NGS, Emeritus,


MSTA-GMT, Inc. Baltimore,Md.


Painted Rainbow On The Walls of Time




They put me in a tomb, and then I wrestled with the conqueror of men. I conquered death, I stamped upon him and arose.”

” Brought immortality to light and painted on the walls of time a rainbow for the sons of men; and what I did all men shall do.”  MHK:19:13,14;


Moorish Holy Koran Chapter 19





Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Founder, 1913AD.

Dr.R.German-Bey, NGS, Emeritis, (1971 )

Moorish Holy Koran



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